Technical Diving

CCR diverTechnical diving allows you to go where no man has gone before, as the famous TV show slogan goes, but this time with proper training and proper attitude!

Technical diving in Israel was founded in 1993 by a group of senior diving instructors (who are also the founders of the Reef Diving Group), long before technical diving was adopted by the big international diving agencies. 
As professionals we have always believed that you can't call yourselves such and yet, stay behind, so we keep on striding forward in this field.
The Reef Diving Group conducts all its diving business with the tightest safety standards, so we chose the most rigid and professional technical diving organization, ANDI International (founded by Ed Betts), as it maintains the highest standards in the industry.

The ANDI Program offers five main levels of instruction: The first and second being recreational levels. The third serves as the entry level to technical diving. The fourth level is an exploration program and the fifth level involves diving with helium gas.


The Reef Diving Group offers all levels of technical training, including closed-circuit rebreather training. The steep entry slope and calm surfaces of the Red Sea supplies the perfect surroundings in which to participate in such activities, while the clear water and variety of marine life serve as the perfect atmosphere. For the hardcore tech and wreck diver, the Tel Aviv Dive Center offers a great opportunity for diving in the Mediterrean Sea. 

Trimix diversMarina Divers Dive Center in Eilat (as in the Tel Aviv Dive Center), operates extensive ANDI facilities that provide a large variety of ANDI courses, from Nitrox for beginners to closed-circuit rebreather (csr) training and Trimix diving for the most advanced divers.

These centers also provide cylinder filling services using cutting edge technologies: Marina Divers uses the superb
B-Trox system from BAUER, for all gas blends needed for technical diving. Even our regular air fills are kept to the strict SafeAirŪ standard for oxygen-compatible air. Each of our dive centers operates an equipment workshop that provides excellent and reliable support for most diving equipment that is in use today.