Diving in Israel - What you should know

Red Sea - Israelís southernmost city of Eilat is famous as a premier shore-based diving resort on the Red Sea coast.
This area of the Red Sea features breathtakingly beautiful coral reefs and an enchanting underwater world, featuring hundreds of varieties of fish and other marine life forms.  It is a paradise for underwater photographers as water conditions for scuba divers are excellent all year round with water temperatures a constant 21-25 Cį, with little or no currents and clear waters with an average of 20 - 30 meters visibility.
A steep entry slope allows safe diving around the shallow water reefs and fast access to dive sites for every level of diving and depth.
Technical diving is widely practiced due to the easy slope entry since technical dives can be done easily and safely from shore, while ideal Trimix diving depths are accessed by a short boat trip.

Mediterranean Sea shore, close to Israelís business center, boasts a long and shallow rock reef with an interesting topography showing rock arches, small caves and canyons.  A plethora of deeper wrecks fit for the adventurer diver, completes the experience.

Diving Education and ServicesIsrael is also known for its high standards in diving education and the diving services provided by the local dive centers.

Diving in Israel is well organized, supervised and maintained.  Israeli diving authority regulations require the diver to present his/her diving certificate, and a log book with logged and stamped dives dated within the last six months (unless the diver is a Dive Master or above) to the dive center in order to receive diving services, rent diving equipment or join one of our guided dives.
For those who have not dived during the past six months or more, we offer short yet comprehensive refresher dives.

Diving Insurance - Please note that according to Israeli diving law any certified diver who wishes to dive in Israel is required to present compulsory diving insurance that can be purchased at any local dive center (travel insurance will not be accepted unless it clearly states that it covers diving activities).

Emergency Facilities - A decompression chamber with a trained medical rescue team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the hospital in Eilat should a diving incident require emergency treatment.
The decompression chamber in Eilat is located within 10 minutes drive of most of Eilatís dive sites