Diving Education

The Reef Diving Group has long been known to choose among the many options in the diving business the most professional industry leaders, each in his field of practice, to be able to offer you the best experience possible, both professional, fun and, most importantly, safe no matter in which activity you choose to participate.
This is more true than ever when about it comes to diving education. The Reef Diving Group together with
SSI offer the most comprehensive diving courses available, beginning with an introductory dive designed to give a taste of the diving world to the absolute beginner diver, through each level of the basic diving courses, right up to the rigorous SSI instructor course.

If you choose to take your courses with us you will have the full arsenal of our teaching facilities, roomy and comfortable classrooms, highly experienced diving instructors and all the required written information. We hold our instructors and facilities to the highest standards; they are supervised not only by the Israeli Diving Authority but also by an internal quality assurance.
We do not sell diving certificates. We strongly believe that your knowledge, safety and fun is what we are here forů

Students are permitted from the age of 12 years (15 years old for advanced courses).
Students have to be reasonably fit and in good health.
A medical statement has to be completed before enrolling in an Open Water Course. To view the medical statement form
click here.

Students who successfully pass both a written and practical examination receive an internationally recognized dive certificate.
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Open Water Diver
Diving offers a lifetime of exciting adventure and the ideal way to begin that adventure is with an Open Water Diver course. Under the guidance of a professional Instructor, you will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to enjoy a lifetime of underwater exploration. At the end of five days of training you will be certified to dive to a depth of 18m.

Advanced Open Water Diver
The SSI Advanced Adventurer program introduces certified divers to a whole new world of diving opportunities. Be it night diving, deep diving, wreck diving, multi-level diving or any of the many other possibilities, you will expand your knowledge in each of these particular fields while extending your certification to a depth of 30m over two days of training.
Each field in itself may be investigated even further by attending a specialty course.

Diver Stress & Rescue is the specialty course recommended following Open Water Diver certification, as it helps you to gain confidence and makes you a better dive buddy. In this program you will learn how to prevent, identify and, if necessary, solve diving emergencies.

Divemaster Course
The first step as a dive professional, the SSI Divecon will expand your theoretical knowledge of diving to instructor level and teach you how teach refresh dives and snorkeling courses, lead guided dives and become a roll-model diver

You can participate in all the above programs (and much more) at each one of our dive centers.